EQUITEC FlexiHemp 5kg

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What is FlexiHemp? This unique pelletised formula includes Hemp Hulls and Hearts, MSM and Turmeric. FlexiHemp contains the hulls, and hemp seed which provides hemp oil, fibre, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. The benefits include joint support, skin support, muscle recovery and supporting the inflammation response. MSM is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and its role in maintaining healthy connective tissue, cartilage, bones, and hooves. Turmeric Alleppey has been demonstrated to help with inflammation and skin conditions. Piperine, in black pepper blocks curcumin excretion by the liver increasing curcumin bioavailability. FlexiHemp is beneficial for all horses, especially older horses, horses in work or in recovery. It is low in sugar and starch therefore valuable for equines with metabolic conditions, grain intolerances, or for high fibre/low NSC diets. Feed ingredient Supports normal joint function Helps maintain a healthy immune system. Low sugar and starch Provides fibre, protein and oil For horse use only